V3 – Angola Red #13 x Original Haze

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Mother: Angola Red #13
Father: Original Haze

Taste the flavours of Angola and Original Haze and expand your awareness!

The mother is our Angola Red #13 female, which took 2 and a bit years to find (lots of intersex and hempy plants to look through to find her). Her high is up and kind, energizing and creative. Tastes and smells are peas, earth, hash and lichen. Crossed to our Original Haze male – wow what a marriage! The male adds spiciness, frankincense, and sugary love to the already special Angola Red female. The high is up and creative, without paranoia, that hits in the head. There are a few phenos with various combination of smells and highs. Great daytime herb, but still strong – what we like to call functional medicine. Plants like to get big, some phenos with big buds and some phenos more haze-like in structure.

Recommended Indoor Flowering Time (12/12): 12-16 weeks
Recommended Outdoor Latitudes: south of 37 degrees latitude
Powdery Mildew Resistance: Above Average
Botrytis Resistance: Above average to high

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